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Important Update

Dr. Roy Stults, VOM Classroom administrator, has retired. We appreciate Dr. Stults’s faithful service in pioneering VOM Classroom several years ago. He has faithfully served by creating new courses, uploading the class materials and administrating this unique online classroom. Perhaps you have even had the privilege of interacting with Dr. Stults, whose expertise in the classroom spans several decades and continents.

The current classes on this website will be available until June 30, 2017. So if you are currently working on a class, we encourage you to complete it by this date. After June 30, the classes will not be accessible. VOM is planning to relaunch VOM Classroom in the future. We will be happy to notify you when we are ready to relaunch.

Thank you for being a part of this special online class!

Olive Swan
VOM Classroom Moderator
Posted January 9, 2017

Available Courses

  • This class is the basic introduction to persecution studies and is similar to the E-Level classes that we have offered in the past. It will discuss the definition of martyr and persecution, and will disclose the various forms and levels of persecution.
  • The Old Testament is rich with stories that teach that one may suffer for righteousness' sake. A thorough understanding of the demands of discipleship and the commitment one needs to serve the Lord includes a study of the Old Testament as well as the New. It is foundational and the themes that begin in the Old are carried forward into the New.
  • It is obvious to any Bible student that a great deal of the New Testament was written in the context of persecution and suffering. The studies that we began in the Old Testament continue into the new, with greater clarity and intensity.
  • Christ has given us a mandate to evangelize in every nation and in every circumstance in the world. It is our God given right, as are all religious freedoms, but not all governments recognize or appreciate it. Other world religions are resisting Christian evangelization. The question is "are we willing to pay the price to fulfill Christ's mandate?" This does not mean that we should be reckless or provoke opposition; we need to be discreet and wise. Each church in each context must decide to what point they are willing to go to risk opposition to do what Christ.
  • This class discusses the importance and role of intercessory prayer in the life of a Christian but more specifically, that intercessory prayer is an integral part of our ministry to and with the persecuted church.
  • Christians who are not facing explicit and violent persecution are concerned about it becoming a possibility in their country and in their lives. Many face the idea with fear and trembling. They are concerned about how to prepare themselves to stand firm in the faith. This class offers some insight and practical suggestions to go about making such preparation.
  • This class seeks to delve into the deeper issues and questions that are raised in relation to suffering for righteousness' sake and persecution. Topics discussed include: Why is a theology of persecution and suffering important? Can and does God suffer? What is the origin of evil and why does God allow it? What is the role of each Person of the Trinity in persecution and suffering? What is happening when we are suffering for Christ? How can God use this suffering? How does hope factor into the theology of persecution and suffering?
  • The purpose of this class it to make us more aware and more competent in our understanding of persecution. Most of the material relates to the potential for persecution, that there are those who are undergoing persecution at the moment, and how we should prepare ourselves for the possibility of persecution for doing the will of God in our culture and country. What has not been addressed is what it is that motivates those who are being persecuted to remain faithful. What is the reason that people will go through incredible suffering for Christ and not recant or turn their backs on their Lord? The answer to these questions is the substance of the material in this class.
  • The reason why there is persecution of Christians in the world is because it is the mandate of every Christian and the church as a whole to participate in God's mission to the world. This class takes a good, long look at that mission as it has been revealed in the Old Testament and the New.
  • In order to see the reality of persecution more pointedly, one must see that it has been around since the beginning of the church and still persists today. This class is an overview of persecution through the centuries.

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